Creation Care Task Force

MWC is a global communion of Anabaptist churches that are together facing the climate crisis.

Central to our ethos is to respond faithfully to the challenges of our world. What does it mean to follow Jesus into this crisis? Member churches – along with all humanity – are all at the receiving end of the crisis.

Some, especially in the Global North, are disproportionately at the production end of the crisis.  Others, especially those in the world who lack power and resources, are disproportionately impacted.

This means that we have within our communion a diversity of experience and a diversity of responsibility.

MWC provides an opportunity to respond faithfully to the climate crisis, and other ecological crises, in diverse ways within one communion, which is itself profoundly fitting in relation to this crisis. This task-force will formulate a plan for the MWC response, and initiate activities aimed at increasing awareness and action.

The Creation Care Task Force will work with member churches of MWC to

a) increase awareness of the climate crisis.

b) present practical ways to encourage ecologically faithful living.

c) explore how represented countries are being impacted by the climate crisis.

d) encourage the development of biblical and theological capacity relevant to the climate crisis.

e) develop a strategic plan for MWC that includes practical, short-term projects and mid-range and longer-term commitments.

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